Spanish Level 9

1. Lions and Tigers and Bears (7 Lessons)
Learn words for wild and domestic animals and review gender and number. Explore pronunciation of animal sounds and the biodiversity of Latin America.
2. Fighting for Our Rights (7 Lessons)
Learn words for human rights and making recommendations and requests with the present subjunctive. Study the French influence on Spanish.
3. Rain or Shine (7 Lessons)
Review the present subjunctive with impersonal expressions and learn words for natural phenomena. Practice singular to plural spelling changes.
4. Come Again? (8 Lessons)
Study the pre-Columbian roots of America and some prehispanic loanwords. Plus, learn even more false cognates and study actual cognates.
5. A Good Citizen (7 Lessons)
Study words for citizenship and where-words and learn about Bolívar. Explore doubts, denial, and using "ojalá" with the present subjunctive.
6. Highly Recommended (7 Lessons)
Learn words for internal organs, body parts, and surgery, plus some Latin American superfoods. Review recommendations with the present subjunctive.
7. The Thrill of Victory... (7 Lessons)
Learn more sports words and memorable collisions of sports and politics. Practice verb-and-preposition pairings and interjections.
8. The Golden Age (7 Lessons)
Learn about word families and words related to aging and death. Study uncompleted or prospective actions with the subjunctive.
9. The Saddest Lines (7 Lessons)
Learn interpersonal words and words for breaking up with someone. Review doubt, denial, and hope with the present subjunctive and study Pablo Neruda.
10. Review: Level 9 (2 Lessons)
Review concepts covered in Level 9, including false cognates; doubts, denial, hope, and requests with the present subjunctive; and human rights.