About Us

What is Fluencia?

Fluencia is the best way to learn Spanish online. Fluencia was developed by the team of Spanish experts behind SpanishDict.com, which reaches over 60 million learners every year.

Fluencia empowers users to learn at their own pace with interactive lessons, an intuitive interface, and personalized feedback. Under the hood, Fluencia uses proprietary Smart Review™ technology built on spaced-repetition research that can increase retention up to 200%.

Conveniently available on phones, tablets, and computers, Fluencia makes it easy to learn anytime. Progress syncs instantly in the cloud. Best of all, plans start under $10 a month.

Finally, learning a new language is possible. Fluencia is different. It actually works.

The Backstory

Fluencia was created by the founders of SpanishDict.com. That site was started in 1999 by the newlyweds Jeremy and Martha Cummings at the University of North Carolina. Jeremy wanted to lookup Spanish words online, but couldn't find an easy way.

So he and Martha created SpanishDict.com and recorded audio for 5,000 words in English and Spanish. By 2012, SpanishDict.com was reaching tens of millions of users in over 180 countries around the world.

But something still wasn't right. With the U.S. set to be the largest Spanish-speaking country by 2050, the team was frustrated seeing the millions of people on their site not being able to learn Spanish online. There had to be a better way. So they set out to build Fluencia and launched it in September 2013.