Spanish Level 1

1. Meetings and Greetings (5 Lessons)
Learn the basic greetings you’ll need to introduce yourself and have your first conversation, plus essential pronunciation of -ch, -h, -ll, and -ñ.
2. Let's Talk About You (8 Lessons)
Explore subject pronouns, professions, and using "ser" for descriptions and origins. Learn pronunciation of vowels and when to use "tú" versus "usted."
3. At the Restaurant (7 Lessons)
Learn words and phrases to use at a restaurant; pronunciation of -s, -c, and -z; and basic gender. Discover Latin American foods you have to try.
4. Likes and Dislikes (6 Lessons)
Discuss hobbies and weekend plans and study the basics of "gustar." Learn pronunciation of -b, -v, -g, and -j and 5 things you probably didn't know.
5. At the Farmer's Market (8 Lessons)
Learn words and phrases for shopping at the market, the numbers 1-10, and the basics of plurals. Plus, practice pronunciation of diphthongs.
6. Family Matters (8 Lessons)
Master words for family and practice the pronunciation of -r versus -rr. Learn the grammar behind gender, number, and possessive adjectives.
7. Had a Bad Day? (6 Lessons)
Learn words for physical states and emotions, the basics of "estar," and pronunciation of accents and word stress. Relax with a lesson on Latino time.
8. On the Road Again (8 Lessons)
Explore some unusual places in Latin America and learn words for vacation activities. Study "ir" + "a" and the pronunciation of gue, que, qui, and ü.
9. Going Shopping! (8 Lessons)
Get ready for some retail therapy with words for clothes shopping and colors. Learn uses of "ir" and interrogation (¿?) and exclamation (¡!) marks.
10. Review: Level 1 (2 Lessons)
Practice discussing your summer plans and review concepts covered in Level 1, including vacation, family, shopping, "ser," "estar," and "gustar."