Spanish Level 8

1. Housework (6 Lessons)
Learn words for wanting and demanding and how to phrase wishes and wants in the present subjunctive. Take a closer look at South American Spanish.
2. Talking about the Big News (7 Lessons)
Learn more prepositions and conjunctions and practice spelling changes of -car verbs in the subjunctive. Explore some spooky childhood legends.
3. Mixed Feelings (7 Lessons)
Talk about your feelings with verbs of emotion and the present subjunctive. Learn how to express emotion with the present subjunctive.
4. Now Hiring (7 Lessons)
Learn more adverbs and review how to use them. Study the subjunctive and -ger/-gir verbs and learn about some Latin American inventors.
5. A Productive Conversation (7 Lessons)
Learn words for impersonal expressions and how to use them with the present subjunctive. Learn words for a counseling session and -gar/-guar verbs.
6. A Change of Pace (8 Lessons)
Study quantifiers, law words, and the pronunciation of homographs. Plus, learn about some of Latin America's most interesting drinks.
7. A Look Back (7 Lessons)
Learn words for a performance review, review the subjunctive, and explore the influence of Latin and Arabic on the history of Spanish.
8. First Place! (7 Lessons)
Learn ordinal numbers and competition words. Plus, learn about a few Latin American Olympians and pronunciation of the vowel hiatus.
9. Recovery Mode (7 Lessons)
Relax with words for a day at the spa and study spa cognates. Review the difference between the subjunctive and indicative and learn about water sports.
10. Review: Level 8 (2 Lessons)
Review all topics from this level, including the subjunctive, quantifiers, prepositions and conjunctions, ordinal numbers, and competition words.