Spanish Level 7

1. Are You Lost? (7 Lessons)
Learn words related babies and giving directions. Explore the Northern and Eastern varieties of Spanish and negative and "nosotros" commands.
2. Throwing a Bridal Shower (7 Lessons)
Get ready to celebrate with party words and a pronunciation lesson on bilabial sounds. Learn to use commands with pronouns.
3. Fortune Telling (7 Lessons)
Learn to use the future tense and take a closer look at irregular future forms. Learn about "horóscopos" and words related to fortune telling.
4. The Art of Advertising (7 Lessons)
Learn words for advertising and pronunciation of a few popular brand names. Learn the impersonal and passive "se" and where to find recommendations.
5. Moving On Up (7 Lessons)
Take a closer look at exclamatory words and pronunciation of "yo" verbs. Learn words for work performance how to use adjectives as nicknames.
6. Fantastic News! (7 Lessons)
Learn more restaurant and food words and the grammar of adjective and adverb placement. Take a look at the superlative and use of the metric system.
7. What's Mine is Yours (7 Lessons)
Learn more food and kitchen words. Study proper uses of possessive pronouns and adjectives and Hispanic family culture.
8. Wishes and Reality (7 Lessons)
Learn words related to knowing the truth and those commonly used with the subjunctive. Explore Central American Spanish and indigenous peoples.
9. A Better You (7 Lessons)
Learn health and exercise words and words commonly used with the subjunctive. Study the subjunctive and indicative and Latin American gym culture.
10. Review: Level 7 (2 Lessons)
Review the subjunctive, negative and "nosotros" commands, "yo" verbs, adjective and verb placement, and possessive pronouns and adjectives.