Spanish Level 6

1. An Important Birthday (8 Lessons)
Learn irregular past participles and when to use them. Practice pronouncing -u combinations and learn about foods from the Americas.
2. Blast from the Past! (7 Lessons)
Explore the professional world with more job words and learn about the present perfect. Learn where to place adjectives for different meanings.
3. Couple's Therapy (8 Lessons)
Learn about more verbs like "gustar" and how to use them. Learn some minimal pairs plus some Latin American beliefs and superstitions.
4. A Trip Down Memory Lane (7 Lessons)
Explore vocabulary related to the American dream and review the preterite and imperfect. Plus, take a closer look at Caribbean Spanish.
5. Room for Improvement (7 Lessons)
Practice irregular commands and more work words. Learn pronunciation of commands and accents and the grammar of familiar "tú" commands.
6. Talking About Others (7 Lessons)
Learn to talk about others with physical descriptions and a review of "ser" and "estar." Learn how to use demonyms and phrases for "ser" and "estar."
7. The Plot Thickens... (7 Lessons)
Learn words for arguments and relative pronouns (que, quien, lo que). Study shortened adjectives and the tradition of bullfighting.
8. Battle of the Sexes (7 Lessons)
Practice words for handling problems at the office and review "por" and "para." Learn how accent marks can change the meaning of a word.
9. In The Kitchen (8 Lessons)
Feed your appetite with words for cooking and a glimpse of typical seasonings. Plus, learn formal commands and interjections.
10. Review: Level 6 (2 Lessons)
Review all topics covered in Level 6, including words for work and cooking. Practice irregular past participles, relative pronouns, and commands.