Spanish Level 5

1. Relationships (7 Lessons)
Feel the love in this unit with words for love and romance. Learn the grammar of reciprocal verbs and a number of important regionalisms.
2. Childhood (8 Lessons)
Embrace your inner child with childhood words, Latin American childhood games, and some fun rhymes. Explore the imperfect and the verb "haber."
3. Problems at the Office (7 Lessons)
Learn more office words and everyday office culture. Practice using direct and indirect object pronouns and preterite spelling changes.
4. A Trip to Remember (7 Lessons)
Explore Patagonia and the Southern Hemisphere and make your Spanish sound more native with linking. Learn words for travel and more on "por" versus "para."
5. Meet Your Ancestors (8 Lessons)
Learn about the Galápagos with words for nature and animals. Practice singular and plural spelling changes and the preterite and imperfect.
6. Mystery at the Museum (8 Lessons)
Delve into Latin American art and learn words for talking about art. Learn about "tener que" + infinitive and verbs that change meaning.
7. Planning a Wedding (7 Lessons)
Learn about wedding traditions and a variety of wedding words. Practice using pronouns after prepositions and pronouncing intervocalic -d.
8. The Friendly Skies (7 Lessons)
Get ready for a trip with words for travel and airplanes. Learn about indefinite and negative words plus the names of Hispanic countries and cities.
9. There's No "i" in Team (7 Lessons)
Learn team words and verbs that change meaning in the reflexive. Practice pronouncing -y before vowel sounds and learn about "las barras bravas."
10. Review: Level 5 (2 Lessons)
Review concepts from Level 5 including reciprocal verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, office words and culture, and the preterite vs. imperfect.