Spanish Level 4

1. Clean As a Whistle (8 Lessons)
Learn about various household items and chores, explore the present progressive, and practice exclamations with "qué."
2. Can You Hear Me Now? (7 Lessons)
Hone your communication skills with more communication words, an introduction to the preterite, and a pronunciation lesson on accents.
3. The Rich and Famous (8 Lessons)
Learn words for celebrity and gossip, when to use "saber" vs. "conocer" and "pedir" vs. "preguntar," and the Mexican variety of Spanish.
4. Music to My Ears (7 Lessons)
Let loose with words for having fun and various instruments. Practice irregular preterite conjugations and the pronunciation of -w.
5. Back to School (8 Lessons)
Learn words for school and various career paths, practice using direct object pronouns, and explore the culture of education in Latin America.
6. Lost in Translation (7 Lessons)
Avoid miscommunication by learning about false cognates and their pronunciation. Plus, gain some wisdom from Latin American proverbs and sayings.
7. Holiday Shopping (7 Lessons)
Learn words for gifts and shopping and practice indirect object pronouns. Practice pronouncing -ui and -ue and learn about holidays, Hispanic style.
8. Sevilla (7 Lessons)
Learn a variety of common adverbs and their appropriate forms and placement. Plus, take a closer look at Andalucía in the south of Spain.
9. At the Doctor's Office (8 Lessons)
Prepare for a trip to the doctor in this unit with words for body parts and health. Learn about medical cognates and Hispanic traditional medicine.
10. Review: Level 4 (2 Lessons)
Review concepts covered in Level 4, including the preterite, health words, direct and indirect object pronouns, adverbs, and household items.