Spanish Level 3

1. What's for Dinner? (8 Lessons)
Learn how to use verbs with irregular "yo" forms and words for grilling. Practice pronunciation of -ch and find out the secrets of Argentine BBQ.
2. How Does That Make You Feel? (7 Lessons)
Take a closer look at "ser" and "estar" and use "estar" to discuss temporary conditions. Learn how to pronounce words with a silent -p.
3. Nine to Five (6 Lessons)
Get ready for the workplace with words for the office and a review of "ser" and "estar." Plus learn about Spanish spoken in Central Spain.
4. My First Apartment (8 Lessons)
Learn words for your first apartment and how to use demonstratives. Practice proper intonation for statements and travel to Bogotá, Colombia.
5. A Job Interview (7 Lessons)
Prepare for a job interview with question and interview words. Learn the grammar of interrogatives and the intonation of exclamations and questions.
6. My Daily Routine (8 Lessons)
Explore reflexive verbs, hygiene words, and everyday words. Learn pronunciation of -ll and -y, plus a bit about grooming habits in Latin America.
7. Public Transportation (8 Lessons)
Learn to take public transportation with words for getting around. Explore the basics of "por" and "para" and learn pronunciation of abbreviations.
8. At the Bank (7 Lessons)
Tackle financial situations with banking words and the numbers 21-1000. Learn the grammar of comparisons and the different currencies of Latin America.
9. The Best or the Worst? (8 Lessons)
Take on downtown with words to describe a city and grammar lessons on absolute superlatives and diminutives. Plus, review the combination -qu.
10. Review: Level 3 (2 Lessons)
Review concepts covered in Level 3 including irregular "yo" forms, grammar of "ser" vs. "estar," question and interview words, and reflexive verbs.