Spanish Level 2

1. What Time is It? (8 Lessons)
Learn to tell time using "ser," numbers 11-20, and other useful words for telling time. Learn to pronounce initial and intervocalic -b, -d, and -g.
2. Getting Around (8 Lessons)
Explore places in a town with words to talk about location and common prepositions for "estar." Learn the uses of "estar" and pronunciation of "x."
3. Mark Your Calendar (8 Lessons)
Get ready to make plans with lessons on days of the week and months of the year. Learn when to capitalize letters and the culture of "la quinceañera."
4. Dating 101 (6 Lessons)
Investigate dating culture in Latin America and the pronunciation of -p, -t, and -k. Learn a variety of -ar verbs and how to conjugate them.
5. Getting to Know You (8 Lessons)
Learn common -er and -ir verbs, their conjugations, and nouns that often go with them. Familiarize yourself with Barcelona and the pronunciation of -es.
6. Sports (7 Lessons)
Challenge yourself with common stem-changing verbs and words for sports. Learn about Latin America's "fútbol" obsession for some athletic context.
7. Raining Cats and Dogs (8 Lessons)
Learn how to talk about the weather with some useful words, phrases, and popular Latin American sayings. Plus, review the pronunciation of -r and -rr.
8. Talking About Yourself (7 Lessons)
Learn how to use "gustar" to talk about your likes and dislikes. Review the pronunciation of -j and learn new words for things to do and people to see.
9. Are You Hungry? (7 Lessons)
Work up an appetite with a cultural lesson on Latin American cuisine. Learn words for eating and drinking as well as uses of "tener" and "venir."
10. Review: Level 2 (2 Lessons)
Listen to two brothers catching up and review concepts from Level 2, including talking about time, days, and months; and -er, -ir, and -ar verbs.