Spanish Level 10

1. Searching for Something (6 Lessons)
Learn more words to describe people and places. Study the Spanish-speaking regions in Africa and the indefinite and nonexistent in the subjunctive.
2. Takin' It to the Streets (7 Lessons)
Learn celebration and holiday words, Spanish street names, and use of the passive voice. Take a look at Hispanic celebrations of Mardi Gras.
3. One Sweet World (9 Lessons)
Learn environmental words and the grammar of accidental "se." Practice pronouncing -m and explore the world's largest rainforest: la Amazonía.
4. Got to Get Away (8 Lessons)
Learn reflexive verbs with body parts and more specifics of capitalization. Explore some of the most beautiful islands in the Spanish-speaking world.
5. Stargazing (7 Lessons)
Learn some astronomical terms and zodiac signs, review incomplete and prospective actions with the subjunctive, and check out some old observatories.
6. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda (7 Lessons)
Prepare for a trip with hotel and airport words and some travel tips. Practice forming and using the conditional tense and pronouncing -tl.
7. A Golden Opportunity (6 Lessons)
Get number savvy with words for math, business, and finance. Review the subjunctive with unidentified people and things and study economic empires.
8. Taste Makers (7 Lessons)
Learn words for tastes and more foods, review the present perfect, and take a look at culinary loanwords. Plus explore Hispanic street food.
9. If You Build It... (8 Lessons)
Learn words for tools, review the future tense, and look at Spanish as it's spoken in the "Southern Cone." Plus, practice conditional statements.
10. Review: Level 10 (2 Lessons)
Review concepts covered in Level 10, including environmental words, conditional statements, the subjunctive, the present perfect, and accidental "se."