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Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn Spanish on your own schedule. Access bite-sized lessons on your computer, tablet, and smartphone so you can study anytime, anywhere.

Get Personalized Feedback

Get Personalized Feedback

Fluencia's personalized feedback system is like a tutor. Clear up confusion and learn more efficiently with immediate, easy-to-use feedback that adapts to you.

Remember Up To 200% More

Remember Up To 200% More

Our Smart Review™ technology is unlike anything you've seen before. It brings back concepts right before you forget them to boost your long term memory up to 200%.

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  • "I've had two years of Spanish at college and Rosetta Stone. Fluencia is much better than both."

    Robert S.
  • "Fluencia is different than any language learning software I've used. Its subjects are very interesting."

    Samira N.

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